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Alta via dei Parchi: from Passo della Cisa to Santo Modenese Lake

A trail on the Appenine-ridge, which goes through the typical forests of this mountain range. This trekking is not for beginners, but for expert trekkers, because the routes are very long and are located on different altitudes (from 1200 m to 1700 metres). This route is fascinating and unique, the views are breathtaking and it’s […]

COVERtorrente lavane

Alta Via, Foreste Casentinesi Park

A trail in the forests of the Casentino region, which is considered one of the most precious natural attractions of Europe. We will walk before through the Sasso Frattino Natural Reserve surrounded with fascinating natural countryside and then through Castagno d’Andrea, where the Renaissance painter Andrea del Castagno was born. Least but not last the […]

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Castles and Pilgrims trekking tour

A delightful history-themed route, offering the chance to admire medieval castles, Romanesque churches dating back over a thousand years, and a marvellous mid-mountain landscape, all accompanied by fabulous typical cuisine and the wonderful wines of Emilia Romagna. We will also be finding out the secrets behind Traditional Modena Balsamic Vinegar, which of course we’ll be […]


The great war and the gothic line

A trekking trip on a historic theme dedicated in remembrance of the fighting that in the Second World War freed Italy from the Nazi and Fascist troops. We will visit the most important battlefields, with their trenches and fortifications, and feel unique emotions at the words of people who experienced those moments at first hand. […]


The Belvedere Walk

A spectacular 3-day walk in the heart of the countryside of the Reno and Panaro Valley, between Modena and Bologna. The route takes you past Roman churches, castles and the wonderful Regional Park Sassi di Roccamalatina with its extraordinary rocks and breathtaking views. In the evenings there is the chance to try the local food […]

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Trekking from Bologna to Florence

Step by step we will go along the paths, which also Goethe walked during his trip throughout Italy. We will walk through different landscapes in this Appenine region, which links two important historical cities. If you would like to go back to Bologna very fast, after a six-day walking, you could get on the Frecciarossa […]

percorso degli dei

The Gods Way

This ancient route has linked Bologna to Florence since the era of the Roman Empire; because of frequent military operations, It’s also known as “Flaminia Militare”. The pavement is typical of the Roman period. There are also many different landscapes, like the Contrafforte Pliocenico Nature Reserve (rock formations composed of sandstone) and the wide beech […]